Christopher Schooley of Coffee Shrub drops some fatty boom batty nugs of wisdom on roasting coffee over on his blog at Coffee Shrub:

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There’s a phrase that I’ve been guilty of saying once or twice in the past, but which now really bugs me. The gist of it is:

“I’m just trying to roast the coffee so that all of its best qualities are realized without showing my influence over it.”

I also think that it’s wise to have a range of coffees (roast levels as well as flavor profiles) in your line up, not necessarily in a futile attempt to please everyone but in an attempt to reach a wider range of people who really want to have a great coffee experience. The great experience doesn’t just have to be the fruit juice Kenya, or the jammy dry processed Ethiopia, or the delicate floral or tropical fruit nuanced obscure varietal.

The great coffee experience can be something that’s sweet, clean, and balanced. That’s a great coffee experience, for anyone, at anytime. Great coffee isn’t just the exotic, great coffee is any number of things, including approachable and accessible.

The whole post is a great read, which we will strongly advise you to check out here.

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