Another top destination on our “need to get there” list, the city of Calgary plays host this weekend to the Prairie Regional Barista Competition. The event happens this Saturday, August 6th, as part of the regional competition schedule for the Canadian Nationals later this year, with an eligible field of competitors from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. Yes…the NWRBC may have been delayed, but the inexorable march of time soldiers forward. Here’s hoping you enjoyed the month of July, because we’re now back into competition season.

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Competition begins at 9 am, and you can watch the Livestream here. Sponsors for the event are a real who’s-who of non-West Coast Canadian coffee, including Fratello, Transcend and the ever-delicious Phil and Sebastian. No regional event would be complete without a glut of parties and classes, and you can read all about this weekend’s events here, via the Prairie Coffee Project. Don’t miss your chance to attend a class from USBC Certified Judge and Coffee Common Kommandant Brent Fortune.

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