Cincinnati native Karen Haldemna (pictured lower left) skunked the competition at the Seattle’s Best Coffee Ohio Red Cup Showdown at the Ohio State Fair this weekend. Her zesty ‘Orange Blossom Morning’ dazzled judges, including head judge Jeff Mauro, winner of the seventh season of Food Network Star.

The SBCRCS is a signature beverage competition that takes place at state fairs in California, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa and online on Facebook. Winners from all five state competitions and online will travel to New York City at the end of August. You too can vote for your favorite drink on SBC’s Facebook page.

You might be wondering why we’re featuring this kind of hokey event. You see, at, we believe to care about the great coffee competitions that are out there, all of them. We’re here for the 99%, and that means you, and most importantly, for you, our readers, who are us. I guess you could say this post is kind of a love letter to you, all who has been, and has been since. We’re your number one fan!