New York Times has published “A History of New York In 50 Objects”, and the ubiquitous Greek coffee cup made the list at #39. The cup, or the Anthora, was designed by Leslie Buck, an unlikely coffee design icon who passed away in 2010. More from the NYT:

Before Starbucks and other national chains, takeout coffee was invariably delivered in a blue and white paper cup featuring a Greek vase — as many as 500 million were sold annually as recently as two decades ago. The Anthora, as the cup was called, was created in the early 1960s especially for the New York market and its ubiquitous Greek diners and delicatessens by Leslie Buck, a Holocaust survivor who was sales manager of the Sherri Cup Company in Connecticut. Demand for the distinctive design — as characteristic of New York as yellow cabs — declined as newer immigrants, including Koreans and Bangladeshis, succeeded Greek restaurateurs who moved to the suburbs.

Click here to see an early Ninth Street Espresso cup concept designed by Aaron Cardello, inspired by the Anthora. Long live this NYC classic!