Australian coffee is a bit like wine from Australia: they’re doing some of the best in the world, and keeping most of it for themselves! But that’s ever-so-slightly starting to change here in the United States, where cuppings like our recent event with La Marzocco are introducing American coffee lovers to coffees from some of Australia’s best roasters. A similar event is afoot this coming Friday, November 7th, when our friends and partners at Ceremony Coffee Roasters in Annapolis, Maryland, will host a truly delicious cupping table that’s open to the public, and featuring these roasters:

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St. Ali
Market Lane Coffee
Small Batch Roasting Co.
Proud Mary Coffee
Seven Seeds
Code Black Coffee Roasters
Mecca Espresso
Five Senses Coffee
Commonfolk Coffee
Clement Coffee

“Last year we hired Caleb Podhaczky, formerly of Five Senses in Melbourne, to be our head roaster,” Ceremony Coffee’s Josh Harding tells us, “he and some visitors from back home have brought back several amazing coffees, but after we saw the Sprudge article ‘Seattle: Try Australian Coffees with La Marzocco & Sprudge‘ we were inspired go for the mother lode, and have our own East Coast Aussie cupping.”

File photo: Cupping party.
File photo: Cupping party.

“Caleb, working with Tommy Terlaak, a friend back home and current roaster at Five Senses, has coordinated a massive express shipment of ten coffees from Australia.”

Ceremony Coffee plans to also feature two beer collaborations they’ve taken part in this year with local brewers Jailbreak Brewing Company and Union Craft Brewing. The company worked with Jailbreak to create a coffee stout called Dusk Til Dawn. They helped Union Craft create a cream ale with coffee called AM Gold.

Crikey! It sounds like a perfect evening.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters is located at 90 Russell St. Suite 500 in Annapolis, Maryland. The cupping party is this Friday, November 7th at 7PM. Check out this and other Ceremony Coffee events right here.
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