Ted Lasso is a comedy series on Apple+ starring Jason Sudeikis as a can-do Division II college football coach who gets recruited to lead an English Premier League football team (read: soccer), and it is wonderful. Or at least that’s what I’m told. I haven’t seen it, I don’t have Apple+. As Dandy Anderson sagely said on Twitter, “I may not have kids to send to college, but I do have streaming services to feed ok,” and there are too many of those hungry mouths in this household already. But I hear it’s great.

What I can say for certain is great is Los Angeles’s Go Get Em Tiger, and if they vouch for the feel-good brilliance of the show then that’s more than enough for me. That’s exactly what they have done with this week’s collaboration GGET Believes in Ted Lasso, and you can get some free biscuits out of it.

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Starting Monday and lasting through Friday, GGET is giving away a box of biscuits with every drink purchase at any of their four LA cafes. Each box contains three biscuits—shortbread cookies developed by the GGET culinary team as an homage to the “Biscuits with the Boss” pastries Sudeikis’s Ted Lasso character used to win over Rebecca, the owner of AFC Richmond, played by Hannah Waddingham—”to cheer on the Emmy-nominated show,” per GGET’s Chris Sung. And they will be served in the same signature pink box as Lasso’s biscuits in the show.

But the promotion isn’t just for coffee, tea drinks are included as well. Tea and biscuits that are actually cookies and EPL football? God save the Queen that’s perfect! (While supplies last of course.) And because this is an Apple collab, get your drink for $1 when you use Apple Pay.

For more information on the GGET Believes in Ted Lasso promotional collab, visit Go Get Em Tiger’s official website.

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