We’ve just received word on a brand-new Coffee Supreme pop-up: Gertrude Stein’s will open Tuesday, June 17th, for a limited four-month engagement in Melbourne’s Fitzroy neighborhood.

“The site will be exclusive to us,” Supreme leader Al Keating tells us, “with a small selection of treats from baker friends, Loafer Bread.”


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When asked about the coffees served at Stein’s, Keating explained, “all of our coffees will be available in store; blends and single origins, espresso and filter roasts, including Kenyan Thunguri, and our Brazilian Celso Minussi. However, the coffee we’ve really been holding our breath for is the Hartmann Geisha from Panama we’re releasing on opening day. This will be released as the first of our new Limited Selection Coffees.”



The space has been designed completely in-house, with the help of Coffee Supreme’s Justin Emerson, “in true Supreme style on post-it notes and cocktail napkins,” Keating assures us. “The project was managed and built by Emerson,” Keating continues, “with branding and art direction from Supreme’s art department.”



The project dovetails with Coffee Supreme’s new packaging, and will feature a limited edition Gertrude Stein’s diner mug, available on site.

Gertrude Stein’s at 152 Gertrude St, Fitzroy. Open 8AMโ€“3PM Tuesdayโ€“Saturday.
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