The 2015 World Coffee In Good Spirits Championships pitted champion baristas from around the world against each other to create the most delicious, inventive combinations of coffee and alcohol. From an overall field of 14 competitors, six finalists advanced to the rarified air of Finals Thursday. From that field of six, George Koustoumpardis of The Underdog in Athens, Greece emerged victorious.


As World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, Koustoumpardis won a two-group espresso machine from Astoria as well as a very special bottle of Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire liqueur from Grand Marnier.

We’ve got photos of Koustoumpardis’ winning routine, and recipes for his winning drinks.

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George Koustoumpardis (The Underdog) Greece

“Coffee Beer”



Kemgin coffee from Yirgacheffe roasted by Samba Cafe Coffee Roasters
2 homemade ice cubes made from brewed filter coffee
20 ml homemade Irish Dry Stout syrup
20 ml Hibiki Whisky 17 years old
10 ml Grand Marnier Cordon rouge

Place one of the coffee ice cubes into a jug, place Kalita Wave on top
Brew the coffee in Kalita over the coffee ice cube
Pour brewed coffee into shaker, along with additional coffee ice cube and stout syrup, Hibiki, and Grand Marnier
Shake, pour into beer bottles, seal and serve.

Irish Coffee


Filter coffee (Kemgin from Yirgacheffe) roasted by Samba Cafe Coffee Roasters, brewed using a Chemex
20 ml homemade cane sugar syrup
20 ml Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey

Cane sugar poured into glass, followed by whisky
Coffee poured on top
Finished with shaken fresh cream.


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