Heather Perry's disembodied squid hybrid head floats to the competition.

Whoa! Two amazing coffee events are taking place this week in Shanghai!

The Ultimate Barista Challenge:

Are you up for the “challenge” of bringing specialty coffee to the “foodies’ of the nation?

We are show casing barista from all parts of the USA, Korea & China at the FHC Shows throughout the country. Dueling Barista format where 2 baristi compete at the same time!

This event takes place on 16 – 18 November 2011 at the FHC Shanghai in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) China.

Challenges you will need to be involved with include:

  • Latte Art Challenge
  • Espresso Frappe Challenge
  • Espresso Cocktail Challenge
And don’t forget the FHC China 2011 Coffee Roasting Competition! Read this copy! Written by our secretary Dr. Luscious Lucious Pendergrast, it offers yet-more proof that, just as China already owns the deed and title to America’s riotous legacy of incompetent debt, so too will it usurp us all in coffee breath. READ IT!
One of coffee’s charms is how we control the minor difference and variation during the process of coffee plantation, processing, roasting and blending. The control has specific magic on coffee roasting, which is enough for us to enjoy the coffee processing and then immerse ourselves completely into it. Why? The more we touch it, the more we are enamored with the complete process. Just the same as magic, what actually happens to coffee roasting is always much more than what you see at first sight. An investigation on the chemical components of coffee reveals us an astonishing fact: coffee beans are born with a complex mix of chemical components. At present more than 1500 kinds of chemical components have been verified, at the same time, the investigators have estimated that at least 20% of the component cannot be identified yet. Due to the complex composition as well as other factors in seed selection, plantation, processing and region differences, we find out without doubt that the green coffee beans we intend to roast are so rich and colorful. Now that we know the varieties of the green coffee beans and the minor flavor differences between different coffee origins, our aim of coffee roasting is to maximize the excellence of the roasted coffee and minimize the defects in order to achieve the satisfactory results, which is the soul of the coffee roasting culture.

We for one welcome our new Chinese coffee overlords. 我们向你致敬,伟大的中国咖啡统治者!