Here is a list of new espresso machines from the 2013 Specialty Coffee Association of America’s annual expo.

Espresso Parts Custom GS2 Hybrid



A franken-GS2 with GB5 brew boiler, Strada MP group and Linea steam valves. I love love love the matte cream paint job paired with the light wood, it gives a great Scandinavian retro-modern feel to this one-of-a-kind creation.

Synesso Red and Black Cyncra



Alright, so I’m a huge sucker for matte coatings, and this black and red number went all-matte-everything. Sold. Synessos are technical beasts, and though it took a while for this update to happen, the per-group shot timers look awesome. This dark and powerful machine makes me want to build a Death Star so I can put it on the bridge.

ACE Coffee Equipment Kees van Der Westen Spirit

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Describe it as steampunk and I’ll slap you. This thing takes retro industrial sensibilities and wraps them in a gorgeous chromed-out shell that screams “serious equipment.” Every little detail on Kees’ machines is carefully considered—I just die for the lever actuators, with hot-water tap accented in red. Everything is perfectly in place, and the swagger is outrageous.

Fire-Engine Red Slayer



Slayers have always been sexy, but the contrast of the red gloss coat and blond wood really makes this one pop. There’s a sort of industrial sleekness to a Slayer, and the sloping front face really makes you feel like you’re at the wheel of a fine sports-car as you work it.

Unic Stella DCL


Unic’s new Stella DCL is showing up on bars around the US, and its sleek design and beautiful lights really shine during a latte art throwdown. Baristas had an opportunity to pull shots up at the second-level Barista Nation Satellite Cafe. Equator Coffee’s Devorah Freudiger tells Sprudge, “Having independent boilers for each group head that are easily programmable makes experimenting with the temperature of extraction easy. This is fun and often something baristas haven’t thought about or been in control of before working on the Stella.” Loves it! – LS

La Marzocco Linea PB



Subtle tweaks to the original’s sleek lines bring the PB into the twenty-first century. Turned on, the buttons and display have a red glow that makes you feel like you’re working on a Cylon’s custom espresso machine. Which is actually pretty bad-ass.


Curtis Gold Cup Brewer Customized by Espresso Parts

Everyone knows Espresso Parts makes bad-ass espresso machine mods, but it turns out they are just as gifted with brewers as well. Curtis was showing off this hot number at the Symposium earlier in the week, and now it’s up on the second floor in the Barista Nation Satellite Cafe.


Original photography by James Hanna for 

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