The folks at MadCap Coffee have a unique little lot of coffee from El Salvador available now for pre-order: Elefante, from Gloria Rodriguez’s neighboring fincas La Lagunitas and San Jose. More via the MadCap blog:

This is the same coffee variety Ryan used to become the First Place winner in this yearโ€™s North Central Regional Barista Championship… The Elefante is a rare and unknown variety grown on a totally unique coffee tree that was discovered on Gloriaโ€™s farm just over three years ago. Last year marked the first time this coffee was exported, with MADCAP being the only North American recipient. The cherries are large and nearly twice the density of the Bourbon cherries found in the region. When a ripe Elefante cherry is picked and squeezed between your fingers, it consistently produces over ten drops of juice, nearly ten times the juiciness of other coffee varieties.

We had a chance to try this coffee a couple of different times, both at the Big Central Regional in Chicago and at USBC 2012 in Portland, so we can vouchsafe its uniquely juicy hype-worthiness. Pre-order yours today, make nice with the MadCap guys, or a slip a bribe to someone at MOO-ville Dairy; this is a must-slurp coffee for Spring 2012.