There’s trouble brewing in Detroit, Michigan. Former Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton dropped in forย some coffees a photo ops yesterday, during the state’s Tuesday primary vote.

Hillary Clinton’s official Instagram posted this photo after a visit:


The HRC IG tags Avalon International Breads in the location and in the comment, which reads, “Inspired by the women who started @AvalonBakery. Highly recommend the coffee, too.”

One problem:ย that isn’t Avalon!

The above photo was taken at Astro Coffee on Michigan Avenue, some two miles away from Avalon International Breadsโ€”about a forty minute walk away!

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Could it be that HRC Campaign Instagram Manager posted the Astro photo while visiting Avalon International Breads? That would explain the mismatched location tag. But then why the comment? Could it be because of the barista’s Bernie Sanders leanings?

IG user @jillmwilson, purportedly the barista in the photo, posted on Hillary Clinton’s official IG post, “That’s me and I’m voting Bernie. I’d like it if you took the post down.”

Could it also be because of Astro Coffee’s own Instagram post?

(Via @AstroCoffee & @YoshiBighands)

Astro Coffee official IG account posted this photo yesterday, with Hillary Clinton holding a very small cup. Astro comments, “Espresso to go?!? She must be feeling the BERN ??????โœจย #feelthebern”ย 

We’re waiting on official comment from both the Clinton campaign and Astro Coffee. We’ll update when one arrives.

Bernie Sanders won the Michigan state primariesย and has yet to be photographed in a cafe.

UPDATE: 3/9/2016 3:22PM EST

The @hillaryclinton Instagram account hasย edited the post.


Caption and location have been corrected on Hillary Clinton’s official Instagram account. The caption now reads, “Highly recommend the coffee at Astro.” Unlike the earlier caption which linked @AvalonBakery, the new caption fails to link Astro Coffee’s user handle @astrocoffee.

This story is developing…

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