This feature originally ran on September 20th, 2013. We’re re-running it today as a part of our “Best Of Sprudge” year-end series.’s LA staff writer Julie Wolfson recently joined Hello Kitty and friends to celebrate EVA Air‘s first US flight. When Sanrio said the plane would be painted nose to tail, little did we know the entire aircraft would be filled with Hello Kitty flight pillows, themed meals, toilet paper, and even Hello Kitty coffee cups.


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The Hello Kitty uniform clad flight attendants were more than happy to show us around the plane.IMG_4245

Then of course we had to try a cup and do a happy jig with the kawaii cute tutu clad dancers and assorted Sanrio characters.


Even the in-flight pamphlets are cute. No stone of cuteness was left unturned.


You can read much more about the Hello Kitty jet on EVA Air’s website, or hop a flight yourself between LA and Taipei on select dates. This is a real thing that happened; we are not making this up.


Julie Wolfson (@JulieWolfson) is a staff writer for 

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