Australians love coffee, it’s a simple fact. Australians have become synonymous with coffee love much, in the same way, Italians have with espresso and Colombians have with Colombian coffee.

And it is not without reason. Australia is home to some of the more sophisticated coffee scenes in the world. But what is bizarre about the Australian coffee love affair is that it ends rather promptly around 3 pm or 4 pm. That’s when pretty much every cafe closes up shop for the day, jilting the uncaffeinated nationwide.

But in times of despair, the unlikeliest of heroes emerges: Doritos. The Australian branch of the brand announced they will be releasing a limited run of Doritos coffee-flavored chips in Australia, and the only way to get a bag is to win it.


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As reported by, Doritos describes the new flavor as “the perfect snack to help Aussies beat the 3 pm slump.” For 300 Australians anyway. The chip brand will only be making 300 bags of Doritos Coffee and have been giving away 25 of the 150g bags each day starting July 3rd; they will continue to do so until the 17th. To win a bag, contestants have to take to Instagram to “comment what is making you mad right now for the chance to WIN a pack of Doritos Coffee” on the brand’s post about the new chip flavor.

While the bizarre pairing of corn chip and coffee would seemingly be met with a divided response, the 700+ comments on the post are overwhelmingly positive. (In that they are all negative in hopes of winning a bag.) Even notable non-Australian and coffee YouTuber James Hoffmann is all up in Doritos’ comments trying to grok a bag.

Per, Doritos Coffee follows the brand’s 2023 flavor controversy over Doritos Coriander—cilantro for the Americans out there—due to the soapy taste some experience when eating coriander. (Someone once told me they were a super taster because cilantro tasted soapy to them, and if not being able to eat cilantro is the cost of heightened taste buds, then I’m not interested.) Luckily, coffee has no such issue, other than just, y’know, being a bizarre pairing with salty chips.

Nonetheless, I’d be willing to take a flyer on a coffee-flavored chip. Especially if all the cafes in town did the cravenly act of closing at 3 pm.

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