Dogwood Birthday Party (With Hüsker Dü!)

Dogwood Birthday Party (With Hüsker Dü!)

Dogwood Coffee Roasters, a plucky little microroaster (and Sprudge sponsor) based out of MPLS MN, will be celebrating their first anniversary tomorrow night! Sprudge readers in the Twin Cities would do well to make it to the Dogwood roastery / warehouse / funplex, loacted ’round back of 1209 Tyler Stree NE, for a night of pig roasts, beer, and four square (not Foursquare, but four square, that game with the bouncy ball and all those funny jump attack moves).

There’s also gonna be sammiches and cookies and birthday cake and hotdogs and apple cider and yummy coffee (Dogwood’s roast of their Kenya Karinga is really pretty sterling) and, most important of all, fun. Festivities begin at 5:30 and go (we’re assuming) til the breaka breaka dawn. Facebook deets available here.

Happy birthday, Dogwood! You are among the finest cultural exports in the history of your fair city. In your honor, and to place you in your rightful pantheon with these other great MPLS residents, here’s Jordan’s favorite Hüsker Dü song (definitely) and favorite Prince song (that’s a really hard thing to choose, but it’s in the top 5):

[youtube]kTjfl0yhyRk[/youtube] [youtube]HAWV9HHFH4g[/youtube]


  1. Pantsy

    7 November
    Greg Hoyt, owner of Dogwood and contributor to Michelle Bachman as recently as 2006 (then owner of Bull Run Roasting Company). 

    Some great people work for Dogwood, some great coffee comes from Dogwood, and their owner supports Michelle Bachman and Norm Coleman.


    • Greg

      7 November

      Hi Pantsy:
      Greg here.  I don’t really get where you are going here, but I would invite you to call me anytime (952) 292-6628 to discuss.

      Thank you for recognizing the awesome people I get to work with and our coffee

  2. @thesticksooke

    7 November

    I’ve always preferred Cream as my top Prince song.  I’m sick coffee slurper but hey…Cream shay boody bop.

  3. Joe Marrocco

    4 November

    I’m there! 

  4. Pablo

    3 November


  5. Pablo

    3 November


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