Our friends and partners at Dogwood Coffee Company and Dangerous Man Brewing Co. have teamed up to create a #deloshes sounding new coffee beer: The Dogwood Coffee Dubbel. The Dangerous Man, a brewery in MPLS, favored a natural processed African coffee to make a crisper, lighter, and fruitier coffee beer. We talked to Dogwood Coffee’s roaster Stephanie Ratanas more about the collabrewation.

Stephanie! How’s the Dogwood Coffee Dubbel?

I like it, for a coffee beer (only had one or two that I was really crazy about!)

Me too.

I think it’s pretty sweet and a little syrupy, but not too heavy. We used the natural processed Amaro Gayo from Ethiopia, which is always a customer favorite and a really balanced Natural Ethiopian.

We’ve had that particular coffee of yours as a pour-over.

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We’ve bought it for most of our few years as a company. The coffee “notes” in the beer are still sort of what you’d expect–lots of cocoa, and the funk of the fruit does come through a bit but in the way that coffee beers are the dry cocoa flavors in the aftertaste is really what makes it a “coffee beer”.

Just look at these bubbles.


Have you collabrewated with Dangerous Man in the past?

This is our first collaboration with Dangerous Man. They are awesome, and pretty new.

How do we get our hands on a pint?

Unfortunately you can’t buy this beer unless you’re in the lovely city of Minneapolis! They’re a small tap room, and that’s what they intend to stay. Just growlers and the tap room, no larger distribution or bottling/canning. I kind of like that because they stay so close to their own process – something that is difficult for a wholesale coffee roaster. Though beers hopefully stay as they were meant to (or age well) in bottles, there’s always situations I’m sure where the product isn’t being presented as best as it could.

Absolutely. My word look at that color.


When we were in Minneapolis last you had some folks cupping out coffees for another collabrewation. How many other beer folks have you all worked with?

We’ve done a few other beer collaborations, one with Harriet Brewing and earlier this year we did one with Indeed Brewing, the Burr Grinder. We’re doing that one again this year. The collaborations are fun, I feel like we learn more each time. There are so many breweries popping up here so it’s pretty cool to be able to be a part of it in some way.

Delicious! Thanks as always for taking the time to chat.

Read more about the Dogwood Coffee Dubbel and The Dangerous Man here.

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