Introducing Commerce, a tool that gathers online orders, manages roasted coffee inventory, calculates and batches the needed green to be roasted, and creates a picking and packaging list. Commerce assists production managers in scheduling their team’s day, helps roasters determine their roast schedule, and organizes the packaging team’s priorities. Excitingly, green buyers will no longer have to fear FTO audits as traceability from bean to bag is now possible with Commerce.

Creating roast schedules via spreadsheets to match the orders, while taking into account on-hand coffee or already packaged roasted beans, can be complicated and rife with mistakes. Efficiently and flexibly managing production days whether it’s a team of two or twenty is a problem the industry faces, especially during peak times like the holiday season.

“We learned a lot from the first iteration of this product through customer feedback and visits. Folks wanted the ability to adjust their roast workflows to match their team size, order demand, and roasting space,” says Cropster Commerce Product Manager, Leo Cimoch. “So whether you roast to order, want to use overage right away, or have rows of roasted bagged inventory, Commerce can create your production plans.”

Cropster users can easily connect their WooCommerce, Shopify, or Beans shop to their accounts to begin planning. In minutes, their products will be synchronized, product variations will be mapped, and roasted inventory will be entered. From there, users can create their roast schedule accounting for any on-hand inventory, develop a blend and grind list, and organize their pick and packaging lists.

About Cropster
Cropster develops software for better coffee and is the worldwide leader in coffee-specific software. Cropster supports thousands of users throughout the supply chain every day with simple-to-use and flexible software tools that help to increase quality and productivity from origin to roast to cup.

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