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On March 10th, Cropster will release Artificial Intelligence (AI) based 1st Crack prediction. This is the second feature Cropster has released based on its ground-breaking work with machine and there is more to come. Last year, Cropster introduced an industry first – AI based curve prediction. Cropster AI solutions work with any coffee roasting machine that connects to Cropster and allows roasters to see the temperature curve up to 2 minutes into the future with a <2% variance. Roasters can ‘roast ahead of the curve’ and adjust their gas/temp based on where things inside the roast machine are going vs. where they are now.

With First crack prediction, Cropster adds another leap forward. This AI based feature takes the guesswork out of First crack to help roasters get ready well before it happens with incredible accuracy. Roasters using Cropster are now much closer to knowing the “exact” time of first crack so they can plan and roast accordingly. This feature works on any coffee roasting machine connected to Cropster and is available for all Cropster users starting March 10th.

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Why is First crack prediction ground breaking and important?

  • It gets roasters a peak result faster and with fewer batches saving them time and money
  • Alongside roast curve prediction it makes ‘dialling in a new roasting machine’ even easier (and less expensive)
  • Training staff and focusing on key aspects of the roasting process is easier when people can focus on where the roast is going vs. where it is.

What do beta testers have to say about it?

“The prediction was super beneficial when dealing with abnormal batch sizes (i.e. bigger or smaller than standard size), and when creating new roast profiles. It’s a super cool feature.” Katie, Mission Coffee

“We roasted a lot on all our three roasters last week using the latest version of the first crack prediction. And to be honest, it is scary how accurate it is now! First crack happened within 2-3 Seconds to the prediction. And it was accurate on all our machines. Even on our small Giesen Sample roaster with a completely unknown coffee.” Johannes, Rösttrommel GmbH

“I like the idea, similar to curve prediction, that this feature keeps future events front of mind for the roaster. Reminding us that we are working towards time and temperature goals.” Paul Arnephy, Cafe Lomi

Press release provided by Cropster for Sprudge Press Releases. Want to submit your press  release for consideration? Get in touch.