As an agricultural product that cross international borders, coffee is a multi-lingual phenomenon. The same coffee may be grown in a Spanish-speaking country before being imported and roasted in an English-speaking country. And now, one podcast is looking to bridge that language barrier separating the two ends of the supply chain. Cafetera Intelectual is a new bilingual podcast looking to “connect coffee professionals in producing countries with those in consuming countries.”

Cafetera Intelectual is the brainchild of Bay Area coffee professionals Sandra Loofbourow and Doris Garrido currently working at The Crown, Royal Coffee’s Oakland tasting lab. For their project, Loofbourow—who is of Chilean descent—and Garrido—born in Mexico’s Mayan Rivera—want to focus on bringing broader attention to “Spanish speakers throughout the supply chain.” Released weekly on Fridays, episodes feature guests from around the Spanish speaking coffee world including “producers from Mexico and Bolivia [and] Barista League competitors” as well as conversations between the hosts on a variety of coffee topics, relying on their over two decades combined experience in the industry.

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Doris Garrido (left) and Sandra Loofbourow. Via Cafetera Intelectual.

Each episode is originally recorded in Spanish, with a “sister episode” featuring English narration and interpretation to be released simultaneously as well as English transcripts posted to their blog shortly afterward.

Currently, two episodes of Cafetera Intelectual have been published. The first is a primer into the hosts and what the podcast looks to explore, and the second dives into coffee brewing, including home brewing, how it has changed over time, and extraction.

Episodes of Cafetera Intelectual are available to stream via their website or wherever you listen to podcast, including iTunes and Spotify. For more information visit Cafetera Intelectual’s official website.

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