The Counter Culture Coffee Cup Tasters bonanza be happening, y’all, but it be happening in serious force this upcoming Friday, March 15th at all 8 CCC training labs, from Boston to Atlanta and pretty much literally all points in-between (plus Chicago, which isn’t in-between, but will be part of the fun). This is going to be a live, integrated battle royale with a free trip to Boston in April at stake.

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We DJ’d at the first Cup Tasters event in NYC, which was won by a Mr. Joung Shin of Stumptown Coffee Roasters. These events on Friday will happen simultaneously between 8 different cities, which means 8 different Facebook events for you to peruse, and they are:

* Asheville
* Atlanta
* Boston
* Chicago
* Durham
* New York
* Philadelphia
* Washington, DC

Here’s a little copy & pasteboard sourced from the folks at Counter Culture:

Our 2013 Cup Tasters Challenge continues on March 15 with the first official event in a 2013 regional title battle – events will be held at the same time at all of our Training Centers! Participants taste multiple sets of three cups each and identify which is different from the other two in each set. The overall individual winner from the March events wins a chance to go the Specialty Coffee Association of America conference in Boston in April to compete at the U.S. Cup Tasters Championship.

Go to these events! Cup Tasters style challenges make for great spectator sport, plus it’s a Friday night, so you are expected to go out and be social. Have fun, and who knows? If you win the whole thing maybe you’ll get a little featurette on Sprudge…

Photo from the CCC Philly Flickr stream.

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