world aeropress championship

In Seattle for the 2015 World Aeropress Championship? We’ve got breaking news, whether you want to attend but don’t know how, want to judge but never dreamed you’d have the chance, or even want to compete but weren’t able to distinguish your excellence against your own countrypersons.

In this latest, breaking missive from the WAC coordinators, new information has just been revealed to maximize your fun (and possibly your participation) at Thursday night’s festivities.

To wit:

advert new rules of coffee now available


1. If you want to come to the WACs, you will need to get or have already acquired a ticket here.

2. If you attend the WACs, you may be called upon to judge based on the whims of this SPINNY WHEEL.

world aeropress championships sprudge

3. One last-minute slot to join this prestigious, infamous competition, is available to the first person to deliver a chilled bottle of champagne to Hotel Max room 616. This is not a joke.

Neither is this AmEx.


See you at the WACs tomorrow! is a proud media sponsor of the 2015 World AeroPress Championship. Read up on the regional events leading up to this year’s WAC in our AeroPress archives.

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