When it comes to coffee and technological innovation, it’s starting to feel like we’re through the looking glass.  Why isn’t there a way to freebase coffee? Why won’t my brewer work-shame me on social media? Can I support farmers by taking money from baristas? It is within this realm that we meet the new Relaxx Mug, providing an answer to the age-old question: how do I drink coffee while reclining?

Coffee has long been a beverage for the upright—not morally speaking of course, as the industry is unfortunately rife with bad actors, but I digress—which frankly seems like a cruel irony. Think about it, when you’re tired, what are the two things you want most? To lie down and to have a coffee. Heretofore the gods have been unkind, forcing man to choose between relaxation and caffeination, lest you suffer the fate of an unwelcome molten liquid bath. But with the new Relaxx Mug, you can thumb your nose at the heavens, while enjoying a hot, unspilled cuppa from the comfort of your favorite Laz-E-Boy.

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The porcelain drinking vessel spelled with two X’s claims to be “practically unspillable.” Able to hold 14.5oz of liquid, the Relaxx Mug’s “96% [non-spill] success rate” is due to its unique shape, included a belled bottom, a tapered neck that “maintains heat… and intensifies beverage aromas,” and a dual aperture mouth designed to create the ideal “tilt angle” for reclined drinking.

The company’s website offers a few other generally spillable situations where the Relaxx Mug would really shine, including taking the dog for a walk, moseying over to the kitchen for a snack, or pacing back and forth in existential ennui. And according to verified buyer reviews on the website, the Relaxx Mug seems to live up to the billing. “No spills in a week!” says Louise Z. “It’s an oddly shaped mug but does as it promises,” avers a frank Frank M. One user even goes as far as to suggest it would be a good mug option for those in hospice care who may not be able to sit upright without assistance.

That’s a really interesting point, about the mug’s application for things like elder care. Ultimatley the Relaxx mug is about making coffee as accessible as possible to as many people who want to enjoy it. Ableism is deeply entrenched in how we interact with every facet of life on this earth, and that includes coffee; perhaps the Relaxx mug is more radical in redressing this balance than it might seem at first glance.

The dishwasher and microwave-safe Relaxx Mug is currently available on their website for $19.95. I have to admit, I kinda love this goofy little cup. More coffee for everyone, no matter who you are, with a spill prevention rate that can’t be beat. Sign us up.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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