This week on Coffee Design we’re featuring the packaging from Edison Coffee. Edison Coffee is a specialty cafe and roaster in Flower Mound, Texas—but a stone’s throw from Dallas. The packaging is delightful to look at—soft colors, beautiful artwork, and playful language balance sophistication and comfort. We spoke with Cafe and Wholesale manager Lino Anunciacion to learn more.

Tell us about Edison Coffee and the community of Flower Mound/North Texas.

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Our wonderful team of baristas, bakers, kitchen staff, and roasters come together each day to serve our community. As a company, we pursue thoughtful relationships, prioritize ethical sourcing, and offer up a meaningful place for the community to gather. Our mission is to grow together with Coffee, Ideas, and People. Our cafe is situated right between the metroplex of DFW and Denton, TX, which is home to several universities. Our community is a blend of students, families, young professionals, and artists. We’re big on caring for each other, being creative, and having as much fun as possible. As a roaster, we are partnered with roughly 40 cafes/restaurants and coffee carts across the U.S. Rather than expanding our own franchise, we’ve found so much joy in walking beside others as they pursue their entrepreneurial coffee dreams. Our smaller footprint allows us to work closely with our wholesale partners to create meaningful relationships and provide intentional resources for their needs.

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When did the current package design debut?

Our new retail bag design launched on January 9th, 2022, the pinnacle of a 7 month process.

Who designed the packaging?

Our bags were designed by Ryan Jarrell, one of our local regulars! He’s incredibly talented, so fun to work with, and we’re very proud of the work he’s done. His methods are diligent, intentional, and creative. You can see more of his work here.

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Tell us about the look and perhaps some of the inspiration behind it.

We were challenged with striking the balance between capturing how our company has grown while maintaining who we’ve been and how we started. Our previous design used more muted colors and abstractions of objects. We moved toward a more realistic, modern, and refined look, while still capturing the fun, joy, and beauty of our work. We’re serious about people and coffee, but we want it all to be fun. Coffee producers and farms were our biggest inspiration, so our bags focus less on objects you might find in a cafe or behind a bar, and instead highlight the environment and the producer. Our bags feature a coffee plant (that which brings us together), the sun (that which gives us life), and the overlapping hills of coffee farms (the home that our producers cultivate daily). Our design balances the organic texture and colors of our industry with a hard edge style that alludes to modern innovation.

The front of our bags feature a flavor spectrum from ‘FUN!’ to ‘BALANCED’ to ‘OLD SCHOOL’. This scale speaks to our mission of growing our communities knowledge in coffee while maintaining the approachability for coffee drinkers, new and old. These tiers are purposefully horizontal, as to avoid displaying any hierarchy in the different profile preferences. This simplifies the decision-making process for our community, and allows folks to grab the bag that best fits their style! The goal is to invite everyone in to learn more about what we do without needing any prior knowledge about coffee.

The back of our bags speak briefly on the hard work of our producers, and our commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing; it also includes a QR code to learn more about the producer of each coffee and the region it comes from. These bags are the culmination of staff, community, and industry feedback, and we’re excited to share them with everyone!

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What materials are used for the packaging?

Our bags are made of a fully recyclable, flexible material known as Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)! As opposed to rigid packaging materials (hard plastics, cardboard boxes, etc.), this results in reduced material usage, increased shelf life, reduced fuel usage in transport, and better resistance to damage, all of which minimizing environmental impact and waste production. It’s not the perfect solution to the challenges we face, but we’re excited to take a step in the right direction with our footprint.

What coffees are you excited about here in 2022?

We’ve got an Anaerobic Natural coffee from Costa Rica produced by Diego Robelo called ‘Aquiares’ that we’re so pumped for. We’re getting flavors of Grape, Jasmine, and Red Wine. We can’t say toooo much about these coffees just yet, but we have some incredible Colombian coffees coming from Rodgrigo Sanchez, whose work in experimental processes is unmatched.

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Where is your coffee available?

You can grab a bag (or bags) from our online store at Edison Coffee.

We’ve also got weekly, monthly, and quarterly subscriptions available, and free shipping for orders of $25!

How could we spend a perfect day in Flower Mound?

With 234 sunny days out of the year, any given Sunday you can find our staff and community having a beautiful day outdoors. Parker Square, where our cafe is located, is also home to a weekly Farmers Market, Car Show, and 59 miles of trails that start right behind our cafe! We’d recommend grabbing your favorite coffee, checking out some of the local vendors, and biking the scenic trails. Afterward, you can grab a bite to eat at Mio Nonno’s and catch some live local music nearby. If you’ve got the means to travel, we recommend trying some of our favorite shops in the Dallas area, like Wayward Coffee and Native Coffee Co., or checking out Propagation Coffee Co. in Denton, TX.

Thank you!

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