It’s no secret that here at Sprudge we are huge fans of pottery. Imagine our delight when we found out about New York City’s Devoción has a new gift set that pairs a nano-lot Colombia coffee from Tolima with two beautiful mugs thrown by New Jersey-based ceramicist Jono Pandolfi. Pandolfi’s line of hospitality dishware can be found at some of New York’s finest restaurants. Pandolfi took this gift set one step further by painstakingly hand-painting each package of coffee with Devoción’s signature yellow—no two bags are alike!

We reached out to Devoción founder Steven Sutton to find out more about this collaboration, where we can find Pandolfi’s work in the wild, and just how limited this set really is. Read on!

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Devocion Jono 1020 Lizclayman 95

How did this collaboration get started?

We’ve admired Jono’s work for quite a while (and have a large overlap of restaurant partners who use our coffee and Jono’s ceramics in their spaces) so this felt like the perfect way to incorporate his ceramics into our holiday package. The most exciting component for us was the coffee bag packaging as it was Jono’s idea to hand paint each one so every customer will receive a bag that’s completely unique to them.

Tell us about Jono Pandolfi’s work

Jono Pandolfi is a New Jersey-based artist who creates unique dinnerware options for the hospitality industry. Jono has created ceramics for some of the best restaurants and hotels including Eleven Madison Park, Jean Georges, Lilia, and the Four Seasons.

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We love the hand-painted coffee packaging! Can you tell us about the design?

The packaging was inspired by Jono’s exploration in spray painting and stenciling (that he’s used on his ceramics line as well) and wanted to experiment with the coffee plant on the special bag.

Tell us a bit about the coffee itself

El Alto coffee is a Natural processed Coffee from farmer John Edison Molano in Tolima. This Nano lot was made specifically available for Devoción, and will only be sold through our collaboration with Jono Pandolfi. Its notes of Wild Berries, Cocoa, Red Wine, Mulling Spice are perfect for the holiday season.

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How limited is this collection?

We’re releasing 100 sets in our first batch in December, but definitely sign up for the waitlist if you don’t make the first round as we’re hoping to release a second run early next year.

Thank you!

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You can purchase this gift set at To find out more about the artist, visit Jono Pandolfi’s official website. 

Photos by Liz Clayman courtesy Devoción.

Zachary Carlsen is a co-founder and editor at Sprudge Media Network. Read more Zachary Carlsen on Sprudge. 

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