Coca Cola Curses Coffee In Cantankerous Campaign

Coca Cola Curses Coffee In Cantankerous Campaign

“No brewing, perking, pressing, grinding or dripping required” to open a bottle of Coca Cola. Because who doesn’t love a cold, refreshing chugalug of Aspartame, phosphoric acid, glycerine and high fructose corn syrup first thing in the morning? Right?

Aren’t there all manner of fantastical ungodly chemical processes and machine-managed infusamatronics that go into making a 12oz of Coca Cola? Brewing, perking, pressing and grinding are the LEAST of the issues facing Coca Cola’s super-chemists, right? I mean, what’s…the…deal…with that?

Is marketing against coffee the new Big Soda supertrend? Discuss…

(thanks, @andersganders via @tvf_rocks)


  1. Alex

    19 July

    It’s not a new trend, really. Coke put a massive dent in coffee sales during its initial ascendancy, and has battled since. Five hour energy, and similar “quick fix” drinks, are targeting coffee even more aggressively. I think the mocha and frappuccino crowd is viewed by the soda industry as ground it shouldn’t lose. These people want caffeine, delivered in a sweet beverage, not really coffee, per se. Still, the products are growing farther apart. Coffee is becoming an artisan product in a lot of circles, rather than just a caffeine vehicle.

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