Counter Culture Coffee have had an awesome Flickr for years, but in recent weeks, the quantity and quality of work on their photosharing account has taken things to the next level. We want to highlight some of the better narrative work being done in the CCC Flickr set, and recommend that y’all take a gander at what they’re up to. For the record: this is how you work a Flickr account.

I know what the sign says but it is wrong. The Amharic is right, the English is wrong.

But let me take you through the process:

Coffee is pulped, meaning the skin of the fruit is taken off. Then it is fermented in concrete tanks UNDERWATER for 24-48 hours. The fact it is done underwater is unique and it takes longer that way. Once the mucilage is broken down it is put into channels and paddles are used to move the coffee through water in these channels–to take off the remaining mucilage. Then the coffee is put into these Soaking tanks, where coffee is soaked for 12-24 hours in clean water. Once it is done soaking it is brought to the drying tables. This process is what I heard from every washing station I visited.

Mega-educational Flickr sets? Gorgeous photos? Yes, please.