Earth Day is this Friday, April 22nd, the day we celebrate earth and the preservation efforts being made on its behalf (and if we’re being real, the fact that we confine the celebration of being earth-friendly to just one day on the calendar is part of the reason we need an Earth Day to begin with). Much like New Years is a chance to rethink our habits as they relate to ourselves, Earth Day is a chance to reflect on and change our actions as they affect our home planet.

And in Los Angeles, a handful of coffee brands are coming together to host “a one-of-a-kind Earth Day experience.” Crop to Cup Pop Up is a sustainability-focused event by Sip & Sonder, Bellwether, Oatly, and Miir (stylized MiiR) that will highlight the ways humans—and the coffee supply chain—impact the environment, and it’s happening this Saturday at Sip & Sonder.

Starting at 10:00am and going until 5:00pm, Crop to Cup is an opportunity for folks to learn about ways they both coffee drinkers and companies can improve their sustainability efforts. There will be panel discussions aimed toward consumers and coffee business owner, lessons on composting, a community clean-up, and a “check-list to inspire people to be more conscious coffee consumers”, ending with an evening jazz night.

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[Editor’s note: jazz night has been moved to Friday, April 22nd]

There will be giveaways, including Sip & Sonder coffee, Miir reusable mugs, and Bellwether reusable bags. and there’s also going to be a roasting demo by guest roaster, Barista Life LA’s LaNisa Williams, who will be showcasing the “all-electric, zero-emission” roaster, which they state is the “world’s most sustainable commercial coffee roaster.”

The Crop to Cup Pop Up is completely free to attend and is taking place this Saturday, April 23rd from 10:00am to 5:00pm at Sip & Sonder’s Inglewood Cafe. For more information, visit the Crop to Cup Pop Up event page.

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Image from At “Inglewood’s Sip & Sonder, Community And Personal Well-Being Take Focus” by Michelle Johnson for Sprudge

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