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It’s time for another episode of Cascara from the Sprudge Podcast Network—a growing mixtape of podcast shows dedicated to coffee, culture, and the intersection therein. Cascara, the coffee travel podcast, is hosted by Cydni Patterson.

In this episode, Patterson interviews Joseph Gonzales, co-founder of Espresso State of Mind in New York City.

Joseph Gonzales sitting on stairs outside with mask.
Joseph Gonzales (photo via Instagram)

“I am so honored to have been able to chat with a leader in one of the most expansive coffee communities in the world, New York City,” says Patterson, “with a little under 5,000 shops serving around eight million people, this coffee community is home to a multitude of sub-communities. How do you even maintain community during a period where the safest thing you can do is isolate?”

Joeseph W Gonzalez The Bx Barista

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“Listen and laugh with us as I pick his brain on how he and the Espresso State of Mind crew have managed to extract the dopest elements that the New York coffee scene has to offer while keeping his community caffeinated enough to keep pushing for a safer tomorrow.”

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Cydni Patterson is a coffee professional and barista competitor based out of Durham, North Carolina. In each episode of Cascara, Patterson will take listeners to a different city and talk to locals about what makes their coffee community unique to find out, as she puts it, “what’s really brewing in coffee scenes around the world.” It’s the perfect way to scratch your travel itch during COVID times—a trip around the world in a cup of coffee, with Cydni Patterson as your guide. 

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