Starbucks Gossip recently snapped a pic of Derek Jeter sipping from a Starbucks cup labeled for “Philip”. The gossip blog merely assumed that this was merely a case of shrouded identity for Mr. Jeter, following the same principles as when celebrities check into hotels.

An alias, a nomme de guerre, call it whatever you want, but this scenario doesn’t make much sense to us. You’ve got big league Derek Jeter, a future hall famer who’s looking hunkier than ever, and he’s already one of the most famous athletes on the planet. That latte is a totes-not-embarrassing order, and come on, you’re a Yankee! A fake name at the Starbucks ain’t foolin’ nobody, and Derek knows it.

But did Starbucks Gossip ever consider that perhaps Derek Jeter was merely picking up a sensitive gift for a close friend, who just so happened to be named Philip? Maybe Der Bear snagged a drink for his buddy, then got a little parched on his way back to their flat? Happens ALL the time. (Ed. note, in fact, Starbucks Gossip did consider this, and also considered the barista misheard the name, or that Derek grabbed the wrong latte on accident. But we think it’s a case of delivery boy Derek making a coffee run for his pal Philip.)

But if Philip is real, then who is he? Our Philip guesses are…

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Philip Bradley

2j Phil Bradley-19

Or maybe Phillip Ashton (@phillipashton)


But secret we hope it was Phillip Aubrey (@phillipaubreyx)


If Jeter wasn’t picking up a coffee for his close friend Phillip, then he was probably grabbing it for one of his buddies back at the ballpark. Derek Jeter is a committed sports guy, even when ordering his daily coffee. Maybe his teammate Phil Hughes was meant to be the recipient, or perhaps that night’s opposing starting pitcher was Phillip Humber. Who knows. All we know is that there’s a Philip in Derek Jeter’s life somewhere, and he’s thirsty.


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