We don’t want your money. Just your kisses.” This story from Consumerist is totes not made up:

If you’re at a French cafe in Sydney, Australia, you can ditch your wallet and just pay for your coffee with a kiss. Before you start screaming about trading goods and services for the pleasures of the flesh let’s be clear — you’re not smooching a barista, you’re just making out with your significant other in front of employees.

So that makes it okay, right? That’s a call you and your tongue-wrestling partner have to make, but in any case, it’s a novel idea. All couples are eligible for the kissy-kissy time, a promo that is only valid between 9 and 11 a.m. through June.

You know, we heard from our friends in Melbourne that Sydney could be a bit weird. It gets even weirder:

The only rules are that your server will know if you’re faking those loving feelings — “We’ll watch you,” says the adorable floppy-haired Frenchman in the cafe’s YouTube video.  ”It has to be a real kiss, I can see if it’s a fake kiss.”