Now With Coffee Goodness!

There's a hot new specialty coffee application for iPhone, catering to those of you lucky enough to live and brew in NYC.  Oliver Strand and the NYT Scoop app have combined for a one stop, hand-held guide to the best crawls and shots the Big Apple has to offer. From Oliver's recent post on the NYT Diner's Journal:

Introducing the Filter, a guide to New York coffee for the Scoop, the iPhone app from the New York Times. The list is curated by yours truly and will be kept current with regular updates. Good spots will be added, and good spots that turn bad will be shown the door. Best of all, it's free. had a chance to chat with Oliver, who was happy to provide a few more details on the Filter app. “It’s a highly subjective selection”, he says, “something that I hope will be a service to Times readers, a snapshot of New York’s changing coffee scene. Though I hope it will be comprehensive, too. I’ll update it at least every month. The idea is: if somebody is making good coffee in New York, I’ll find them.

Early adopters can expect an update on tomorrow's Stumptown Red Hook opening. Sounds pretty good to us! Attention entrepreneurial app-happy coffee nerds with tech degrees: this sort of thing would go over like gangbusters in Tokyo, London, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Portland…

Learn more about Scoop and Filter over at the NYT Diner's Journal