We’re a one issue editorial unit here at Sprudge, meaning when it comes to the batshit awful 2016 United States Presidential race, we just have one question: where do you stand on coffee?  Trump doesn’t touch the stuff, Hillary gets espresso to go at a bakery coffee shop, but Bernie Sanders? We have no idea, other than he likes to drink coffee on a train. What’s Sanders trying to hide? Why won’t he release his coffee records? Is he trying to become the next tea-drinker-in-chief?

But at long last, the SFist reports that yesterday Sanders–presumably caving to the pressure of the powerful coffee journalist lobby–has made his coffee preferences known. After an impromptu rally at his Bay Area campaign office, Sanders stopped into Sightglass Coffee HQ in San Francisco’s SoMA neighborhood, where a Twitter user made the big reveal:

The pour-over makes sense for Sanders. Both manual brewing and the 74 year-old senator from Vermont are really popular with the kids right now, so ordering a pour-over further codifies his position in the hearts and minds of America’s youth. And Sanders was wise to avoid milk drinks—too logy, too much unnecessary frill. As one Twitter user noted:

We now know the coffee habits of every presidential hopeful and can finally make an informed decision. The real question is: how many delegates will a smart position on the coffee issue help nab Sanders? A dozen? Perhaps several dozen? Only time will tell.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

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