Breaking here on Sprudge, our partners at the Bay Area Coffee Community will be teaming up with the United States Bartenders Guild for a series of events in late 2013. Tonight is the first chance to enthusiasts from both groups to mingle, imbibe, and enjoy free drinks.


Your Sprudge Editors would like to applaud BACC for securing some level of interest from the USBG. If you yourself are a USBC member or social media liaison or whatever, we’re really happy you’re getting involved with the Bay Area Coffee Community. This will be beneficial for you, and not just when you roll out of bed at noon and walk to the Ritual Container for an inappropriately late in the day cappuccino. Here’s the deets from BACC:

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BACC and the USBG are partnering together for a series of events later this year. Come meet our industry counterparts over free drinks at Tradition in SF 441 Jones (Jones & O’Farrell) TONIGHT 6PM – 8PM

Tradition will be providing free punch and industry specials (High Life and a cheeky of Fernet).

Please invite all who have contributed to the BACC’s success thus far and help us launch a new event series! We hope this evening will be the start of a larger conversation about launching a Barista x Bartender Competition Series! (To be continued…)

BACC’s six-game inaugural Latte Art Competition Series is fast coming to a close, with just two matches left on the schedule – next Thursday at Ma’Velous, and the grand finale June 13th at Coffee Bar‘s Mission District location. More details here!

Oh, and welcome to Sprudge, bartender friends! Our website is like if Beer Advocate and VICE had a gay baby, and he grew up obsessed with coffee. Stick around! We have fun.

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