Friends! We’re reporting to you live from Southern California, where the days are just packed. So far we’ve seen the unbelievable, experienced the unreportable, and been given a sneak peak at one of the more exciting new cafe concepts anywhere in the world right now. It’s supposed to be 99 degrees today, and our rental car is ready to cruise. Why would there be traffic jams on I-5 South at 2:30 in the morning? Why did the results of the Club Los Globos Vogue-Off have to be so hotly controversial?

It’s best not to focus on life’s unanswerables.What we do know is, we’re here for Barista Nation LA, which is happening this upcoming Saturday, September 15th in Anaheim, California. The event raised over $1700 for the Care Organization during its open registration. Barista Nation begins at 9:30am, and is being held at the Beyond The Grind warehouse space at 5180 Hunter Avenue. Here’s just some of the stuff Barista Nation attendees can expect:

Plus after the day’s glut of informational entertainment has reached its final denouement, it’ll be our pleasure to rock your butts all night long with a blazing dual-gun DJ set. Dance in awe as your editorial staff gets to the very bottom of your booty basement, dropping lost disco essentials, classic dancehall funk, and the finest in chirpy 80s synth-pop. And if you get drunk enough to start yelling at us for Berlin or whatever, we’ll likely play that too.

See you Saturday!