Here’s a secret that might shock you! Andrea “Otter” Otte of Wormhole Coffee in Chicago is responsible for the beautiful pour found on every bag of Lay’s Cappuccino Flavor Potato Snack. Wormhole Coffee revealed the news in a Facebook post late yesterday.


The snack has become a viral sensation on Instagram and Twitter, eliciting universal disgust from both cappuccino and potato snack enthusiasts worldwide:

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Members of our Portland-based editorial staff got their hands on the snack (along with a Red Bull and a banana Slurpee, natch) at their local 7-Eleven convenience store.

The chip is both savory and sweet, with a dusting of unnatural coffee and cinnamon flavoring. The potato flavor is reminiscent of the infamous East African “potato defect“. We give it a resounding 0 out of 6 piggies on our universal piggie scoring system.

The banana Slurpee, on the other hand, gets three out of six piggies.



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