Whoa! Hot off the heels of the stunning conclusion to their wildly successful first season, the team at BACC – Bay Area Coffee Community -are steamrolling directly into Season Two of the Bay Area Latte Art Series. S2 promises to be even better, with a new points scoring system that should keep the drama “brewing” – see what we did there? – all the way through to the final rounds. And we’re proud to announce that has signed on for another season as well; we’ll be continuing our service as the *Exclusive* Title Sponsor OmniMedia Qualified SpokesBlog for the Bay Area Coffee Community!

Round one of Season Two begins THIS THURSDSAY, July 11th at Blue Bottle‘s drop-dead freaking gorgeous Mission District location, tucked into the Heath Ceramics factory (2900 18th Street). The S2 BACC schedule will see a wide dispersal of events, from the booming coffee scene in the South Bay to Oakland, Berkeley, and The City itself. Upcoming event hosts include Berkeley’s Local 123Ritual Coffee’s roastery in SoMa, Timeless Coffee Roasters in Piedmont, and Bellano Coffee in San Jose. Perhaps best of all, the grand finale event is being hosted by Four Barrel Coffee at their enormous space in the Mission District, and will feature the top three competitors from LA TNT. 

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Part of why we love the BACC Latte Art Series is for its innovative point scoring system, which assigns a point spread for top placements at each individual event, then adds them up on aggregate in the inexorable march towards declaring a winner. Season 2 features a revamped points system:

Latte Art Series Scoring Array:

1st place – 100 points
2nd place – 75 points
3rd place – 50 points
4th place – 25 points
5th-8th place – 20 points
8th place and up – shame and infamy.

This LAS Scoring Array has been presented by, The *Exclusive* Title Sponsor OmniMedia Qualified SpokesBlog of BACC.

Oh, and the prizes: A sweet UNIC home espresso machine, Baratza grinders, admission and airfare to Camp Pull-a-Shot, a VIP Travel Pack to the upcoming Barista Nation event in LA (September 28th, hosted by Wilbur Curtis Co.), gorgeous customized Espresso Parts trophies, and a super-rare “featurette” for the top placing champion. We’re working right now with the winner of Season One – Che Garcia, of Ritual Coffee – on his first place featurette, which you’ll see on Sprudge sometime in July. Go out and win Season Two and you’ll have the power to force us to write on any topic of your choosing. That, friends, is a qualified OmniMedia prize!

Opening event this Thursday! Learn more here! Follow @HelloBACC on Twitter!

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