What do Auckland, New Zealand and Kansas City, Missouri have in common? In early November, Sprudge.com co-founders Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman will be speaking at events in these lovely cities.

No, seriously.

In Auckland, Jordan Michelman will be speaking alongside Peter Giuliano (SCAA Symposium), Al Keating (Coffee Supreme NZ), and Salvatore Malatesta (St. ALi) at the 2013 New Zealand Specialty Coffee Symposium. His talk will touch on the growth of specialty coffee journalism, from a niche sub-genre dominated by trade publications to a worldwide phenomenon pursued by the largest news organizations on the planet. Attendees will learn more about Sprudge.com’s model of buying content from our writers and photographers, and how our model is bucking the prevailing trend of trade and digital media by paying for content, while remaining sustainable, exciting, and just a little weird, frankly. We’re really proud of our contributors – many of whom have an impressive CV of writing for other outlets – and in this talk, Mr. Michelman will lay out our plans for the future of Sprudge, as we grow and refine our Sprudge OmniMedia Empire.

Meanwhile in Kansas City, Zachary Carlsen will be making milkshakes. With booze inside. It’s all happening at the fantastic Barista Nation, a world-traveling series of lectures and demos that will be stopping in Kansas City on November 4th. If you live there you should go. If you don’t, you should think about going anyway. We’re regular contributors to these events, and Mr. Carlsen’s talk in KCMO is not to be missed – especially if you love milkshakes and booze, which, really, who doesn’t?

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Registration is now open for Barista Nation Kansas City, so act fast! Barista Nation asks its attendants to donate $10 to CARE and forward to receipt to baristanation@gmail.com as an entry fee.

The day-long event features some incredible coffees, speakers, lectures, labs, and delicious food. It’s Kansas City, so you know the food will be incredible. Here’s a full info card, including can’t-miss talks from Jacqui DesMarais (Kaldi’s Coffee), Sarah Allen (Barista Magazine), Gregory Kolsto (Oddly Correct), and Marcus Boni (Kaldi’s Coffee).



The event follows what promises to be an another fantastic program – an epic 20+ coffee shop “Caffeine Crawl” from November 1st through the 3rd.

Get on board with Caffeine Crawl here, and we’ll see you next month in Kansas City. Or in New Zealand. Or maybe at an airport between the two, who knows. Join us at these events!

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