Sprudge.com has been contacted by the Cup of Excellence regarding our “Aguagate” report on discrepancies at CoE Colombia 2010. We’re happy to pass on the following information to our readers:

1. At no point has the Cup of Excellence organization gone on record stating that Finca La Loma contains Variedad Castillo. All statements asserting the identity of La Loma have been made directly by the Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia. This includes initial statements made to the Colombian news media and widely circulated within Colombia, as well as more recent claims made by the FNC at an event in Amsterdam.

2. The winning lot for CoE 2010, Finca La Loma,  is currently undergoing an outside audit. The goal of this audit, conducted by international mega-firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, is to determine the true varietal nature of the coffee submitted for judging by Finca La Loma. The Cup of Excellence organization wants to ensure us, and our readers,  that this audit is being performed “in due diligence” and all results will be made available to the public upon completion.

More updates as soon as they’re made available.