Alpha Dominche’s Epic Steampunk West Coast T...

Alpha Dominche’s Epic Steampunk West Coast Tour

There’s a bit of a tour afoot next week down the West Coast of the United States, put on by our friends and partners at Alpha Dominche and Mahlkonig. Dubbed “Punks On The Run”, Alpha Dominche teams up with some of finest West Coast roasters to throw events and some of the best coffee bars in PST.

The folks at Alpha Dominche will be showcasing new technology for their Steampunk operating system which includes a brand new interface. Coffee bars are teaming up with local eateries for what will surely be evenings of Steampunk geekery and delicious foods and drinks.

Steampunk 2.1 above-bar with a Google Nexus7 tablet for the interface.

Steampunk 2.1 above-bar with a Google Nexus7 tablet for the interface.

November 6th – Vancouver, British Columbia: 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, who’ll be co-hosting with the folks at Lucky’s Donuts. A delicious combination indeed.


Hoards of onlookers at the SCAA Event in 2012. (Facebook)

November 8th – Seattle, Washington: Slate Coffee Roasters will host this event at Toast, a fine purveyor of food and multiple coffee roasters in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Slate’s Brandon Paul Weaver tells Sprudge: “Dominche is setting up a booth and brewing the coffees that Toast carries (which we curate), including Bows and Arrows, Sightglass, Velton’s, and Slate. They have a baller food program and are beginning table service soon.”

November 8th – Tacoma, Washington:’s ancestral home will see an event hosted by Madrona Coffee Company, located at 2361 Fawcett in Downtown T-town. After the event you should go get cocktails at the newly opened Hilltop Kitchen, or play some pinball at Dorky’s Bar Arcade.

Khristian Bombeck, Founder and CEO of Alphadominche. (Facebook)

Khristian Bombeck, Founder and CEO of Alphadominche. (Facebook)

November 10th – Sebastopol, California: The folks at Taylor Maid Farms are hosting an event in Sebastopol, California, at their brand new coffee bar & roastery in The Barlow.

November 11th – Oakland, California: Blue Bottle Coffee are throwing what should be a spectacular fete at their roastery HQ in Oakland. Aside from the fine coffees no doubt queued up, we’re just going to assume that they’ll have delicious pastries on hand, because it’s Blue Bottle and their pastry game is fierce.

Alpha Dominche on the bar. (Facebook)

Alpha Dominche on the bar. (Facebook)

November 12th – San Francisco, California: Four Barrel will be throwing down at their Education and Training Facility around the corner from their flagship store on Valencia in the Mission District. Grab some Mission Chinese Food before and grab a tall beer and tamale at Zeitgeist after.

November 14th – Los Angeles, California – TBA!

November 15th – Las Vegas, Nevada – Alpha Dominche pairs up with Sambalatte Torrefazione in Las Vegas for what’ll surely be an evening of high stakes coffee brewing and glitter and stardust. Sambalatte is a big deal in Las Vegas, garnering a shelf of awards and accolades. Expect delicious things.

Steampunk 2.1 above-bar with a Google Nexus7 tablet for the interface.

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