Marie Hagemeister won this year’s World Aeropress Championship in London on June 25th, and since that day there’s been just one question on the minds of her fans and well-wishers: “tell us how you did it, Marie!”

the smile of a champion
Marie was sweet and gracious enough to sit down with Sprudge and offer us a bit of step-by-step insight as to how her Aerobie aerobics conquered the competition. Though it’s doubtful you’ll ever be quite as lovely as Marie, by folowing these 7 simple steps you can someday maybe, just maybe, hope to hold the coveted Bronze Piston yourself.

1. Boil the water (so it is 80 degrees when you pour it over the coffee)
2. Grind the coffee, slightly finer than filter grind (20 grams)
3. Aeropress upside down and soak the filter paper with hot water
4. Put in the coffee and pour the 80 degrees water over it, almost to the top.
5. Stir for 10-12 seconds
6. Heat the cup, and then slowly push the coffee in the cup – stop before you hear the air.
7. Serve

advert new rules of coffee now available


*ed. note – 80C = 176F

Read about Marie’s glorious victory on Sprudge and check out photos from the event at the World Aeropress Championship’s website.

(Photo with gracious courtesy and inspiring wondrous awe from Liz Clayton)

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