Two New York coffee types – Sam Lewontin (Everyman Espresso) and Alex Bernson (Joe NYC) – have teamed up together on Food Republic to offer you a dreamily potable coffee cocktail for those first days of spring. Imagine Rwanda Buf Cafe from Toronto’s Detour Coffee Roasters, mingled with orange zest and aged rum…well, best to just let them tell it. The drink is called the East African Spritz:

For Coffee:

1.5 ounces Rwanda Buf Café from Detour Coffee Roasters*
13 ounces water
6.5 ounces ice

For Cocktail:

16 ounces coffee
4 ounces aged rum
1 ounce Arancello
Orange peel, for garnish


Brew coffee using a pour-over brewer, with ice in serving carafe. Combine ingredients in a chilled pitcher. Stir.
Serve over ice in a straight-sided old-fashioned glass with a twist of orange peel.

Yum. There’s also this nice blog from Cora Lambert, a bartender, barista (formerly at RBC), and noted New York alcohol avatar. Her recent post is a boozy doozy, our own personal dream jaunt through the jook joints of the East Village:

Going on a cocktail crawl in the East Village can be dangerous by the sheer volume of great cocktail bars. This neighborhood has too much ground to cover in just one visit, so here are 2 of my favorite crawls.


Angels Share —> Mayahuel —> Death & Co.

Climb the flight of stairs to Village Yokocho, and enter the unmarked door to the left of the dining room. Here you will find Angel’s Share…

Her second crawl goes on to feature Amor y Amaro, Cienfuegos, and PDT, which seriously, sign us up. Now how come there isn’t an egg cream gossip blog…