Live only on, your Unofficial Media Sponsors for the 2012 USBC cycle, here’s a first look at all 50 first-round competitors for the United States Barista Championshp in Portland, Oregon. Competition kicks off on Thursday, April 19th, and continues through 4/20 Friday. Regional winners are given a first-round bye; semi-finals are slated for Saturday, April 21st, which is when you’ll have a chance to see Lorenzo Perkins (Cuvee Coffee, South Central), Katie Carguilo (Counter Culture Coffee, Northeast), Devin Chapman (Coava Coffee Roasters, Northwest),  Lindsey Kiser (Peregrine Espresso, Southeast), Ryan Knapp (MadCap Coffee Roasters, North Central), and Jared Truby (Verve Coffee Roasters, Southwest). Finals Sunday goes down on April 22nd – stay glued to Sprudge and our chatty Twitter feed for full competition coverage all weekend long.

This is an early version of the schedule, it might change! We’ll go through and add Twitter handles soon, plus break it all down into day-by-day chunks, but here it is in all of its tentative glory!

Thursday, April 19th – 25 Competitors beginning at 9:15 AM PST.

1. 9:15 Tyler Stevens, Barista, PDX

2. 9:34 Ann Schneider, Sterling Coffee Roasters, PDX

3. 9:53 Charlie Habegger, Intelligentsia, Chicago

4. 10:12 Stacey Wieck, MadCap Coffee Roasters, Grand Rapids, MI

5. 10:31 Sam Lewontin, Everyman Espresso, NYC

6. 10:50 Jen Macias, Cartel Coffee Lab, Phoenix

7. 11:09 Timothy Graham, Victrola Coffee, Seattle

8. 11:28 Matthew Scott, Lemonjello’s Coffee, Holland, MI

9. 11:47 Jordan Barber, Intelligentsia, NYC

10. 12:06 Annie McGee, Ritual Coffee Roasters, San Francisco

11. 12:25 Emily Jackson, Batdorf & Bronson, Olympia, WA

12. 12:44 Brett Felchner, Barista, PDX

13. 1:03 Jonathan Miller, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasters, St. Louis

14. 1:22 Park Brannen, Handsome Coffee Roasters, NYC

15. 1:41 Alan Gomez, Portola Coffee Lab, Costa Mesa, CA

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16. 2:00 Sam Brown, Alterra Coffee, Milwaukee, WI

17. 2:19 Tom Pikaart, Water Avenue Coffee, PDX

18. 2:38 Collin Schneider, Sterling Coffee Roasters, PDX

19. 2:57 Trevor Corlett, MadCap Coffee Roasters, DC

20. 3:16 Lizzy Sampson, Verve Coffee Roasters, Santa Cruz, CA

21. 3:35 Sam Penix, Everyman Espresso, NYC

22. 3:54 Chris Gaoiran, Alexander’s Steakhouse, Cupertino, CA

23. 4:13 Nick Purvis, The French Press, Santa Barbara, CA

24. 4:32 Alfonso “Fonzy” Portela, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, Sacramento, CA

25. 4:51 Charles Babinski, Intelligentsia, LA


Friday, April 20th – 25 competitors beginning at 9:15

26. 9:15 Cole McBride, Visions Espresso / Veltons, Seattle

27. 9:34 Talya Strader, Intelligentsia, Chicago

28. 9:53 Kayla Blowers, Temple Coffee, Sacramento, CA

29. 10:12 Truman Severson, Portola Coffee Lab, Costa Mesa, CA

30. 10:31 Laila Ghambari, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, PDX

31. 10:50 Caitlin Corcoran, Parisi Cafe, Kansas City, MO

32. 11:09 Chandler Rentz, Batdorf & Bronson, ATL

33. 11:28 Courtney Marie Vaquera, MadCap Coffee Roasters, Grand Rapids, MI

34. 11:47 Lem Butler, Counter Culture Coffee, Durham, NC

35. 12:06 Camila Ramos, Panther Coffee, Miami

36. 12:25 Isaiah Sheese, Anodyne Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee, WI

37. 12:44 Robbie Britt, Espresso Parts, Morley, MO

38. 1:03 Percy Ramirez, Intelligentsia, LA

39. 1:22 Travis Beckett, Peregrine Espresso, DC

40. 1:41 Nora Brady, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasters, St. Louis

41. 2:00 Greg Lefcourt, OZO Coffee Company, Boulder, CO

42. 2:19 Kevin Bohlin, Ritual Coffee Roasters, San Francisco

43. 2:38 Brady MacDonald, Urban Coffee Lounge, Kirkland, WA

44. 2:57 Chris Baca, Verve Coffee Roasters, Santa Cruz, CA

45. 3:16 Michael Harwood, Caffe Driade, Carrboro, NC

46. 3:35 Dustin Mattson, Octane Coffee, ATL

47. 3:54 Sarah Dooley, La Marzocco USA, Seattle

48. 4:13 Phillip Search, Dallis Bros. Coffee, NYC

49. 4:32 Jacque DesMarais, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasters, St. Louis

50. 4:51 Devorah Freudiger, Equator Coffees and Teas, San Rafael, CA


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