Starbucks sold a $7 brew a few months back and we’ve even heard of a $25 cuppa, but $966?!

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That’s what one thirsty San Francisco java drinker paid when they received a $966 parking fine for illegally parking in the “blue zone” while stopping in for their daily brew. The embittered parking scofflaw has reached out to 7×7 Magazine’s “Parking Guru” for advice, which is sound ground for anyone who might skirt the law for their latte:

My advice to you and others would be…if you’re not disabled nor driving a disabled person somewhere, don’t park in a blue zone. You’re better off parking right on the sidewalk blocking the coffee shop door. That will only cost you $110.

But, after giving it some thought, I have a non-smartass solution that I think is a pretty good one: Tell your local coffee shop owner to go to this link and they will see that for just a little more than you are about to pay for your ticket, they could apply for and receive a 22-foot green-zone curb, right in front of their shop. It’s a win-win-win situation. The coffee shop gets turnover of traffic, disabled people have access to the blue zone, and nobody will ever have to pay $966 for a cup of coffee again.

Don’t just take a sip! Drink the whole article over at 7×7 Magazine online!

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