The Third Wave Wichteln, an international secret santa coffee swap, had a very successful second year. Its first year saw 362 participants swappin’ seeds, and this year there were over 1,500.

Packages from around the world are arriving at the doorsteps of the Wichteln participants, and their bounties are getting shared aplenty on Facebook and Tumblr.

Each Wichteln delivery contains at least 250 grams of specialty coffee from far flung parts of the world. Here are seven unique, surprising, and delightful Wichteln’s from 2014:

7. Darth roast from Café Brújula in Oaxaca.


I’m Christian from Trinidad. Got this from my from my awesome Santa, Maham in Italy! It’s from Cafe Brujula in Oaxaca, Mexico. French pressed this bad boy and it was AWESOME! Thanks a million Maham!

6. A little Fox Rox from Mr. Hoban’s Coffee Roasting in Hamburg.

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The best shot I’ve tasted in months! Thank you Sandi.

This is an Ethiopian Boginda beans, natural processed and roasted by Mr. Hoban’s roastery in Hamburg. Brewed using Rancilio Silvia.

5. Black Delight in Bergen via Black Delight Kaffeerösterei in Hamburg!


Got these two coffees from Hamburg! They had showed up between Christmas and New Year when I was away in Amsterdam (I live in Bergen, Norway). Brewed them both using my V60 and they were both great!

4. Dirty Berry, beautiful design from Playground Coffee in Hamburg.


Delicious Natural Processed Yirgacheffe from Playground Coffee of Hamburg. Light roasted, sweet profile in the cup with floral and berry aromas. Prepared with Nell Dripper, 18 g coffee, medium coarse grind, slow drip of 280 g water at 180 degrees F over 3:30.

3. All that glitters is Elbgold from Hamburg.


I got this extremely generous gift from Germany today in the #thirdwavewichteln #coffeeexchange! Thank you very much!

2. Le Coffee Guy? Tres bien!


Le Coffee Boy

Ethiopia Sidamo

Kalita Glass Brewer
15g dose
250g of water 110 ppm, 95 Celcius degrees,
3:15 brew time
1,45 %TDS

It’s said that Ethiopian coffee is the mother of all coffees – man can’t say anything wrong about a mother.

1. Triumph of the Swillings! All the way from Scottsdale, AZ.


A bag of Swillings Coffee’s Colombian made it to Chicago – Chemex with standard bleached filters came out terrific. Nutty, earthy flavors with a sweet caramel finish. Thanks for sharing!

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The organizers are putting together a Google Map for all swaps here.

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