Here at the DC Campus in Milan, Italian baristas Danilo Torres (Bar Duomo) and Gianni Cocco (Cin Cin Bar) brought the baristas and guests along on a latte art on a dazzle tour, treating us all to a multi-colored latte art extravaganza – and we’ve got it on film. These baristas are graduates of AICAF – the Accademia Italiana Maestri del Caffè – “a school represented and managed by CEFOS (Centro Formazione Ospitalità)”. Using a rainbow of tasteless and odorless dyes, chocolate syrups, etching pens, and custom spoons, Danilo and Gianni took us on a journey of delightful latte art patterns.

We created a video featuring the top five latte art patterns (and went ahead and gave them names): is in Milan all week covering the scene at DC Campus. Coverage made possible by Urnex and Dalla Corte.