You’re no doubt by now researching flights to Ireland as you anxiously await your offer letter from a remote coffee shop. That pastoral life can’t come fast enough, but nothing about the pastoral is fast, so you wait. But while you’re sitting there flipping between Kayak and Priceline looking for the cheapest fares, might I suggest a quick layover at the Dublin Airport? Sure it’s on the complete other side of the island and the Cork Airport is the obvious choice, but does it have a brand new 3fe cafe? No? Because the Dublin Airport sure does (or at least it will soon enough).

As reported by the Irish Times, the Dublin-based coffee company will be putting a cafe in Terminal 2 of the Dublin Airport, with an expected opening some time in early 2021. Per the article, 3fe co-owner Colin Harmon began the process last year of potentially opening an airport outpost but it was not until recently that his proposal was accepted. To bring the cafe to life, Harmon will be working with airport catering company SSP, who had originally approached him about the potential project.

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“Since the day we opened on Middle Abbey Street, over 10 years ago, we’ve been constantly asked by customers to open a coffee offering in the airport, but until now it hasn’t been possible,” [Harmon] says. “We see the opportunity to provide a speciality coffee offering [there] as some of the most important work we will ever do.”

Per the Irish Times, the Dublin Airport may just be the launch point for 3fe becoming a global entity. Though still very much tentative, the brand has plans “to roll out further offerings at Dublin Airport and other travel hubs both nationally and internationally in the coming years.”

Though still a relative rarity, good airpot coffee isn’t the mythical unicorn it once was. There’s a Stumptown in Portland International, a Caffe Vita at SeaTac, a Cartel Coffee Lab at the Phoenix Sky Harbor, and internationally, a Johan & Nyström at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. 3fe is the latest entry to the list, and it is one that we hope continues to grow. Because let’s be honest, we’ll drink airplane coffee if we absolutely have to, but it sure would be nice if we didn’t.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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