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My how time flies. We’re already up to our second 2015 US regional coffee competition, and it’s still only 2014! The hits just keep coming, and this year that’s all happening over on our shiny new SprudgeLive portal, and of course at @SprudgeLive on Twitter, where we will be documenting the 2015 Big Central Coffee Competitions this Friday through Sunday, live on-site from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our coverage is being brought to you thanks to direct support from event hosts and Sprudge partners Wilbur Curtis Company and Cafe Imports.

We are also pleased to announce that Square will be supporting all of our US Coffee Competition and World Barista Championship coverage this year as our 2015 Season Sponsor.

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You can read more about the upcoming Big Centrals at the competition über portal, complete with a breakdown of the event schedules and a guide to the various parties about to go down. Live coverage will start at ~10:30 CST, with a full schedule of day one competitors available here. If you want to catch up on where things stand in American competitive coffee, you can see the current leaderboard here, or read our in-depth recaps of the 2015 Big Westerns here.


You can find the event’s Livestream here, and for up-to-the-minute coverage all weekend, follow @Sprudgelive. And please, if you are joining us live at the Big Centrals, please consider how this absence will affect your cats.

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