It’s World AeroPress Championships season, which means original poster artwork for various national events around the world are flying in fast. The vast majority of these artworks, from independent artists in each host nation, are worthy of our admiration and acclaim. There was also a stinker. Gaze along with us as we profile 10 of the best 2016 AeroPress posters submitted to date—and one not so good one.



This architecturally minded poster is sure to get folks out to the upcoming Scottish AeroPress Championship event in Edinburgh, hosted by Brewlab & Steampunk Coffee at The Dissection Room on Thursday, April 21st. Will there be live music? Yes. Will there be donuts? Evidently, yes. Will there be beer? Of course. Find our more here! 

Western Australia


Surf’s up, bruv, as you and Your Mate can ping a bit of pong, press an Aero, and go chuggawugga on a tinny of Tiger or twelve at the Western Australia AeroPress Championship. This event happens March 4th at the Five Senses Academy in Perth. More information via Facebook bro, nice one.

United Arab Emirates


People in the Middle East are really stoked about AeroPress this year. A few weeks ago we featured art from the first-ever Saudi AeroPress competition, and now it’s time for folks in the UAE to make their tournament debut. This event in Dubai happens in a sweet mobile coffee truck, and will feature coffee (the famed Finca Tamana) roasted in Berlin by The Barn. Learn way more here.

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Koppi Roasters in Helsingborg, Sweden will host this year’s SAC, co-hosted by Dear Coffee I Love You, whose Brian W. Jones designed this delightful poster (as well as the event’s official 2016 ACME cupping bowls). Judges include repeat World AeroPress Champion Jeff Verellen, Coffee Collective founder Klaus Thomsen, and Telescope founder Nicholas Clerc. An impressive amount of natural wine will be consumed at this event. Learn more here!



We’re super into this impressionistic mural-style poster for the Brazilian AeroPress event, going down March 26th in Curitiba, Paraná. Brazil’s new wave coffee scene is young and passionate, and we’d bet this event, happening at Nex Coworking, will be one of the funnest and coolest in all the global AeroPress calendar. More info here. 

South Korea


No fewer than 27 sponsors are onboard to make this an exceptional event on March 12th in Seoul, to be hosted by Design Coffee. Surely that is the most sponsors ever for a single national AeroPress event? Learn much more here. 



Another first-time entry in the World AeroPress Championship circuit, the good people of Wales will gather together in Cardiff on Saturday, March 5th for an event hosted by La Marzocco UK and Waterloo Tea. Get more info and sign-up here. Pob lwc!

The Netherlands


This poster sports some truly eye-catching Dutch design by Vincent Meertens for an event hosted by Amsterdam’s own Coffee Company, happening Saturday, March 19th. This is a huge event in the Netherlands, and happens in conjunction with the Amsterdam Coffee Festival weekend in March. More information here via Coffee Company.

Irish AeroPress Championships


We’re really excited to be sponsoring (and sending along swag) to this national championship event, hosted by First Draft Coffee at The Fumbally, Dublin, on Thursday, April 14th. Learn more here! 

Pacific Northwest AeroPress Championship


Here’s another fantastic competition we’re proud to sponsor, hosted by Heart Roasters at their roasting HQ in Portland, Oregon on March 25th. This poster was designed by Elizabeth Chai, a Sprudge contributor and the organizer of the 2016 US AeroPress Championship events, recently announced here.



The poster from Singapore’s Common Man Coffee Roasters—a cafe with Australian origins in the city’s CBD—was met with an international outcry on Twitter and elsewhere, and the poster has been pulled from the World AeroPress Championship website. We’ll update when a new poster goes live.

Much more information on all the events is available at the official World AeroPress Championship website.
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