We’re big Young And Foodish followers, having first learned about Daniel Young’s must-read food and coffee blog / flash mob riot squad last summer at WBC London. Mr. Young has been featured today by The Guardian, one of the most forward-thinking major publications in the world when it comes to coffee coverage. The subject? Iced coffee. For the record: we know it’s kind of gross, what with the condensed milk and all, but seriously, a nice chilly ca phe sua da paired with a sunny summer breakfast bowl of pho…yes please.

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The Hario Cold Water Dripper captivates coffee geeks one hypnotically slow cold drip at a time. You could fly to Rome and nurse a cappuccino in the time it takes to fill its carafe. Yet baristas at the new London coffee shops Prufrock and St. Ali, accustomed though they are to an espresso pace, are happy to wait hours for a batch of iced coffee that won’t make their customers wince. Bad things happen when hot coffee goes cold. Ice melts in hot coffee and dilutes it, upsetting its balance. Gradual chilling elicits staleness. With cold brewing baristas can bypass the hazardous journey across a coffee’s temperature range.

I want my iced coffee to have a real coffee kick. With Vietnamese, Thai and New Orleans ice coffees the added pungency of chicory, historically a coffee substitute, helps the already strong coffee brews cut through the milk and sugar. All three have the added benefit of sliding down like melted coffee ice cream.

Read the full piece here via The Guardian.

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