The French Press is an exquisite brewing device. Timeless, easy to clean, and incredibly forgiving, this sainted multi-purpose carafe is capable of all kinds of feats. There are the obvious ways to operate a press pot: brewing coffee, steeping tea, and making a batch of overnight cold brew—but have you explored its other secret menu uses? It’s a whiz at making frothy milk and a wonder in the field of fruit-forward spa water.

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How To Make French Press Coffee
Why is it called a French Press?

french press underwear rinse

But say you find yourself short on fresh long johns. There is another use—not dissimilar to the method allegedly in use by flight attendants—that just might void your warranty. That’s right: the French Press can clean your soiled undies. This method allows you to go from unfresh unmentionables to most gleamingest, tightiest of tighty-whiteys. Using Sprudge’s patent-pending method, you can freshen up your funderwear in under a minute flat.

How To Clean Your Underwear In Your French Press


1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp borax
1/4 tsp castile soap
1 drop patchouli essential oil


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Add your dry powders, soap, and essential oil to a clean, dry French press.

Add your soiled underpants.

Add water* and fill the French press.

Now agitate! Place the lid and plunger on top and press the filter up and down for about a minute.

Pour out the liquid, and with your undies still in the press pot, add fresh water and repeat the process for another minute.

Remove all water and give your undies a final press. Gently wring out over a sink if necessary.

Hang your undies to dry.

Give your press pot a good rinse and brew you and yours a delicious cup of coffee.

*A note on water: check the label for guidance on water temperature.

A note on stains: Pre-treat stains with a baking-soda paste—and for especially seasoned garments—give it a nice soak in the press pot before agitating.

Follow these tips, and soon you’ll agree—in a pinch, the French Press is a wonder regarding feats of day-old derring-do. One might reasonably wonder if the polyblend particulates might henceforth sully your French Press, but there’s no reason to fret. A nice, thorough deep clean after the deed is done will restore your French Press to its original coffee brewing utility, with no one else the wiser.

So press on, friends, and stay sudsy.

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